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One of the primary goals of Building Community Foundation is to provide for the furthering education of those in need. To this end, we have created the Educational Scholarship Fund. Donations made to Building Community Foundation for this purpose will provide for the higher education of its recipients.

100% of the funds received will be passed on to the Scholarship recipients.

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Republic of Moldova

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When I was fourteen, I moved away from my parents’ house because I was offered an amazing opportunity to play basketball with the best club team in Moldova. This team, The Admirals, was a Christian team and the coaches were strong believers. We did Bible studies after each practice, but they seemed boring to me. At that time, I was living with two of my coaches. They showed me the love of Christ by taking care of me and providing me things I needed. They were also willing to give their time teaching me how to play basketball and how to be a better person from a Christian perspective. I saw a difference between the life that they were living and other people. I decided to read the Bible more often and pray. One year later, when I was fifteen, I started going with my coaches to a Bible study small group. Going there for half of the year helped me to comprehend a lot about God. I understood that Jesus came on Earth to die for my sins and that God created me with a purpose of glorifying Him. Then I decided to give my life to Christ and I got baptized.

The Admirals also taught me to be a leader through leading well and providing chances for me to grow in leading peers and younger kids.  When I was fifteen, I also started coaching kids younger than me.  Teaching helped me become more patient and God grew in my heart a greater love for children.  I became a mentor to many of them and they began asking me for advice. 

After completing The Admirals leadership program, I was selected to move to the United States to attend my last two years of High School.  These experiences prepared me to be a leader on my high school basketball team and to lead my peers in Bible Studies, classes, and social situations.  These past two years, I lead my basketball team to multiple championships and my peers look to me.

I owe a lot to The Admirals; they introduced me to Jesus, coached me, taught me to lead, and provided for my basic needs for three years before I moved to the United States.  I would like to use my degree to further my career and assist in funding The Admirals in their mission to benefit the lives of young people in Moldova through Jesus and basketball.  It is not clear yet if this will be through monetary donations, coaching at The Admirals, or a different avenue but God is going before me to prepare the way for me to give back.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will consider supporting me.

- Vasea Girjev

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